In 2009,a blantacy was incited on tv channels that their should be an “EKTA DAY”for sindhi’s to celebrate their culture,to become allied,to show cohesiveness among sindhi nation,and the incorporators were ordinary commonalty.
This fermentation to celebrate Ekta day was created through sms in all over the pakistan,because a private tv channel’s anchor critisized on president of pakistan,because he usually wore sindhi topi on foreign tours..
That cosoriousness brought spirit among sindhi people to celebrate a day to show oneness among eachother..
Finally it was celebrated first time on December 6,2009 not in all over the pakistan but in all over the world..
But inflictously this day took its direction towards an ingominous event.Thousands of people emerged on roads to demonstrate unity between them,to show their culture and traditions by wearing traditional sindhi topi and Ajrak and dancing on roads,not only just men but women also.
“Sindhi Ajrak”which is deemed as the honour of a sindhi girl and boy..It is said in sindh that Ajrak is used from cradle to grave.when a baby takes birth in sindh,he is muffled in Ajrak and when a person dies then Ajrak is laid on his shroud..Sindhi Ajrak which is also presented as a gift to the guests because it possesses alot of respect..But unfortunately sindhi nation has not saved its honour..
Sindhi women wearing this honourable Ajrak on their shoulders dancing here and there on roads among alot of men were not celebrating a day of unifaction but they were exposing respect of sindhi’s..
 I was much anxious when i saw that situation and studied history of sindhi culture.,and i did not find any type of custom like this.,in which sindhi women dances on roads to show her culture..I did not find it in any quote of GM SYED or in the poetry of SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI. 
So they are not demonstrating their culture but they are making fun of sindhi nation.A nation would not be victorious by making their women dancing on roads…
But Sindhi’s themselves are collaborating with their enemies and making their dreams fulfil..They have become puppets of their enemies who are getting amused to see that how sindhi’s are spoiling their pudicity,and how they are going to annihilation.
So where the sindhi nation is buried now,where are the sindhi people now whome self respect means more than their life..


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  1. Aaqib Ali

    This SINDHI culture which is oldest than other cultures it indicates the sign of unity, love, faith, loyalty with sindhi nation and proudness. And it ll be in great favor to those sindhi people whom you have given this cradit through this blog which iz brilliant and outstanding blog.

  2. Riaz hussain

    yeah! you are right that it is not a symbol of our culture to come on the roads along with women with chanting slogans and dancing to show others community that we are united … They do for their personal an ax to grind and their name and fame and their channels .
    Is this unity?
    they celebrate individually in spite to gather . Most of the people, they prefer to wear sindhi topi always rather than one day
    they disrespect our material culture …
    in the last , I do not have words to admire your ideas you did best of work to aware others ……….

    • Tarique hussain

      well Mr: RIaz could you explain that what is sindhi culture then????? Is it our culture to restrict our women to homes? is it our culture that in any event man alone is allowed to participate? and dear brother sindhi culture never forbids or restricts women and is not conservative but a secular one.. woman has got freedom and liberty in our history which one never find in other cultures of east and so freedom should be given and women should be allowed to participate along with the men and culture always change somewhat with the time so dont be much conservative and In pakistan events like this hardly happen and If women would not participate their then where????? and this is 21st century dominated by the media so it would be you cant now keep your women at home and just yourself enjoy… grow up dear for haven sake grow and enlarge your vision and power of thinking….

  3. Tarique hussain

    First of all it is concurrence not what have you written and the wording is used very tough which in my opinion should not be. But, after all congrats to you for your sincere efforts and to write such a blog..well, I fully agree with you when you are saying that it should be celebrated unanimously but I would correct you in the point that men and women are allowed to participate in every sindhi event in sindhi culture even though Islam forbids.and I think shah and G.M sayed have also never prevented women from participating with men and In history you would find out that baghi(a woman) was made chieftain of her sommra tribe I means sindhi culture give men and women equal status and privilege so girls can participate and the time has changed. It is 21st century so there would be obviously change as Greek philosopher Heraclitus has said” every thing is in change and even change itself is at flux” and “You cannot step into the same river twice”. Therefore, there can be change in our society and sindhi culture does not forbid women from participating but there should be manners and ethics accompanied.. Another thing is that woman is not a thing to be chained in home but she is equal to man and can every thing which man is allowed to.And in Pakistan there are hardly few events that people can enjoy and If in these events women would not participate then when will they?????? . It is my opinion and every body has right to one`s opinion whether it contradicts with yours so I think it would not either hurt you or discourage you.. after all a nice effort and hats off to you that you tries to convey you message which mostly people dont………

  4. jeevan kumar

    It was great to see roads, streets, parks, schools, open grounds and press clubs bombarded with the echos of chanted slogans “Jeay Sindh, Sada Jeay” in every city/village and town of Sindh…… Nothing is more precious to Sindhis than the love of Sindh land, Sindhi language/culture and people…. JEAY SINDH (Live Long Sindh)

  5. The Sindhi topi is famous all over the world including Pakistan, where not only Sindhis, but also the Pukhtoons, Punjabi and Baloch wear the cap. It is available in different colours but the shape remains the same. It shows the different colour and races of Pakistan in different situations but, they remain stand in unity and similarity for the sovereignty of their beloved homeland. As i siad this “EKTA DAY”.
    (live long PAKISTAN & Sindh)

  6. Haseeb-ur-Rehman

    first of all i wish u bcz its ur first blog..u have done a great job..& mr tarique hussain let me tell u one thing that we people who understand ourselves too much liberal,we talk about freedom of women,,would we allow our sisters to do so??..i know that ur answer would b no,also we must have this respect for all the women,,freedom does not mean that they should dance on roads..!..they must participate with men but it does not mean that they should not care of their self respect..

  7. Umair Dhonkai Baloch

    nice &splendid ideas..keep it up..!

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